Tweed Upon Trend


This season, tweed garments has taken the fashion industry by storm. In fact, we’re all battling to buy the perfect tweed garments. Since the sales has begun, it’s now hard to find ones that’s suitable and fits like a glove because they’ve pretty much sold out!

Zara has sold some of the most stunning tweed dresses and they’re so popular, the majority of us are struggling to get our hands on them. Bloggers have done a great job as advocates for the dresses by promoting them over social media looking all fancy and glammed’ up, encouraging their audience to click and buy on Zara’s website. Due to the sell out, girls are searching through DEPOP for these stunning dresses in their size, pre-worn. I’ve missed out on many opportunities to buy one pre-worn on there because I’ve not been present enough to get lucky and grab one. But guess what? I only went and grabbed one of eBay, and it’s brand new with the tag on – so it’s unworn! I paid a pretty penny for it though. People are selling them higher than the original retail price because the dresses are in demand and they want to profit from it. I then grabbed one from Zara in the sale! The last one in my size. I feel complete. Someone must of returned it. But I’m SO HAPPY! *squeeeeals*. So I now have 2 tweed dresses coming my way, they better fit me, or I’ll be devastated. If they don’t, I’ll just re-sell on my DEPOP page and make a girl or 2 happy.

Anyway, these are the dresses that I’ve bagged.

Tweed Dress with Faux Leather Trims – RRP £29.99 Bought at £19.99 in the sale from Zara’s app

Tweed Pinafore Dress with Trims RRP – £29.00 Sale Price- £19.00 Bought at £35.00 from eBay

That’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this! 🙂

Sarah xo

Blue: This Autumn And Winter Colour Fashion Trend 2018


Blue is the latest colour trending this season and we’re embracing it! Everyone’s wearing blue knits, teddy coats, jackets, tops and trousers – it’s the coolest fashion colour of this chilly season. Even Topshop St Stephens in Hull are merchandising a blue theme in-store and it looks fabulous. I’ve selected a range of blue pieces that I thought are really pretty. Blue is my favorite colour so really I’d like anything that’s blue, but these pieces are just stunning. Check them out…..

Topshop Oversized Cocoon Cardigan – £42.00 

blue teal topshop knit cardi

Missguided Plain Cargo Trousers – £25.00 


H&M Knitted Coat- £69.99 

Knitted coat - Blue - | H&M GB 1

New Look Corduroy Long Sleeve Collard Shirt – £19.99

Fearlesss Ruffle Satin Wrap Dress – £32.99

teal silky wrap dress

Trustworthy Small Fashion Brands You Must Check Out


Are you getting sick of shopping at the same big fashion brands? Are you wanting to buy from somewhere different? Good news! I’ve found some fabulous small fashion brands who are just as good as Topshop, New Look, Zara and H&M. Only they’re all online, so you cannot visit an in-store and try on their goods. Nonetheless, some of these smaller brands offer endless discount codes over their social media platforms, which is great because you’re always going to save money! I’ve browsed through their website and social media platforms and they’ve got a strong online presence, which seems legit and trustworthy. You can also see other users engaging with their content and tagging the brands in their posts on social media. So, it’s all safe ladies! 

Here are some brands I’ve discovered:

Fearlesss UK (3 ‘s)

This brand has a strong presence on Instagram with 131K followers, and 685K followers on Facebook. They post around 5 images per day, share influence’s posts and the founder of the brand often makes an appearance on both platforms. Even better, they are constantly promoting discount codes! 

I’m currently waiting for my order to arrive, it’s my first time ordering from them. I placed in an order then they were offering 48% off all lines on their website. So, I decided to treat myself. I’ve ordered 2 pairs of shoes and a leopard print faux jumper. I’m so excited to try them on. I’ll be writing a blog soon about my experience with Fearlesss, so watch this space!

Larvish Luxe UK

This brand also has a strong presence on Instagram with 101K followers and 25K on Facebook. They post once or twice daily and occasionally promote discount codes on their social media platforms. There is a fabulous range of footwear that you must check out. I have my eye on a pair of boots that I’m wanting to buy!

Minnies Boutique UK

Not only does this brand has a strong online presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but this brand is set up by The Only Way is Essex stars Sam and Billie Faiers.  Their fashion pieces are expensive, but there are some stunning elegant looking pieces that’s worth grabbing! 

Pretty Larvish UK

Available on various social media platforms, but their strongest channels are Instagram and Facebook with 69.9K followers on Instagram, and 14.7K followers on Facebook. They occasionally promote discount codes through using highlights on Instagram and their website.  If you like classy elegant looking fashion, then this brand especially is for you. 


Be Fierce & Roar This Autumn Wearing Leopard Print. It’s A Trend You Cannot Resist Pursuing!


Once again, leopard print has become the number one trend this season and there are some outrageous pieces of clothing that you must have in your wardrobe. I’ve spent hours and hours literally raiding right through the internet and all my apps on my phone, checking out which brands sell the prettiest leopard print clothing. I was amazed with my findings. I’ve found some rather classy and casual looking pieces from brands that I’ve never heard of before! I’m not a fan of the classy look, but because they’re super pretty, I couldn’t help but purchase. I’m 110% sure that I’ll wear them several times. I usually just buy clothes and leave them at the back of my wardrobe with the tag on, then forget about their existence and complain that I’ve not got anything to wear. Anyone else guilty of that?! Ha. I think we all are.

Join the leopard print pride and try on some of my amazing findings.

Pieces Leopard Print Wrap Blouse £28

Leopard Print Wrap Blouse Pieces

Pair up this classy wrap style blouse with black jeans and black Chelsea boots.

Pieces on ASOS Leopard Print Jumpsuit £42

Pieces Leopard Print Jumpsuit ASOS

This crew neck style jumpsuit will look trendy with a pair of white converse. It’ll be the most relaxing casual outfit that you’ll ever wear!

River Island Petite Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat £95 

River Island Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

This winter warmer will go great with a plain white top, a black belt and dark blue super skinny jeans.

Pretty Little Thing Leopard Print Skinny Belt £8.00

Leopard Print Skinny Belt

You cannot refuse to buy this affordable faux fur belt. This will match with anything neutral.

Topshop Leopard Print Heel Boots £36.00 

Leopard Print Heel Boots Topshop

Now these are a real steal at this price. You’ll look a million dollars with a pair of mid blue skinny jeans.

That’s it for now., I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Cyaaaaaaaaa xo

Shopping In Zara Sales Summer 2018


Zara has a huge sale and it’s the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain. Lets face it, Zara offers a wide range of amazing collections to suit different audiences.  There’s the option to shop on their website, mobile app, or visiting their high street stores. I enjoy shopping on their mobile app because it’s much quicker and easier to access as soon as the sales begin. It can be really intense shopping online, especially when you’re looking for the good quality clothing because they sell out pretty quickly. Everyone wants the best clothing for a great price!

I decided to visit Zara’s high street store in Chester for a change of scenery. When I first walked into the store on a Saturday, it was really busy! My first thoughts were ‘Oh God, I’ll never find something suitable for myself because everything will of sold out already. Well, in my size anyway!’. Nonetheless, after 20 minutes of  browsing through the racks, I managed to grab myself 2 bargains that had already sold out online, so I got lucky on this occasion. I bought a dress and a bag to match. It’s a pretty outfit and is great to wear whilst on holiday, going on a date, or even dining out. 

Here’s the details and thoughts..

Spotty Wrap Dress with Thrills: Original Retail Price £25.99 – Sale Price £19.99 


This dress is stunning. I love how it fits perfectly around my waist.  The dress really light weight, so it doesn’t feel too heavy. The material of the dress is easy to care for. 30 degrees is the ideal temperature, but it can be washed on a 40 degree temperature without damage to the dress. I’ve also noticed that this kind of material doesn’t need to be ironed, which makes the dress even more fabulous! This dress is a winner!

Burgundy Cross-body Bag with Gold Charms: Original Price £29.99 – Sale Price £20.99 


This bag was sitting alone on the shelf above a load of mid length dresses and it caught my attention. I kinda felt sorry for it being alone, so I reached up and grabbed it. The combination of burgundy and gold is beautiful. It’s divided into two sections without separate pockets. Both sections are very spacious so I can fit in my day-to-day make-up, my passport, my phone, my purse and a bottle of perfume. Overall, I’m loving the bag!