Never Settle For Anything Less Than What You Deserve: Aim Higher, Go For The Extraordinary, Up-Grade Yourself

Self Development

Do yourselves a favor, and think about your worth and your current situation. Do you visualize your life like a trapped record playing over on repeat? Can you see whether your current situation is going to head into a positive platform? Do you often feel bored and mentally drained by thinking ‘what if’ or ‘am I good enough?’, and then avoid diving in for new life changing opportunities? Have a good solid think on whether you are settling for less than what you really deserve.

We all should make changes in our lives to allow us to develop for the better, and to make our lives more interesting and exciting. Thinking ‘what if?, or ‘am I good enough’, and then not perusing what you really want to do is absolutely mentally exhausting, I know. It brings us all down. But, at some point in our lives, we will regret the fact that we haven’t even made an attempt to chase our dreams and seek new life changing opportunities. We will regret the fact that we have put ourselves down, that we believed we’re not good enough. We will also regret it because we haven’t got a story to tell to inspire and motivate others.

Enough is enough, overcome those negative thoughts and beliefs. Begin focusing on trying something new or completely different. It is for your own good, none else. Just think about yourself. You are important too. Don’t be foolish by feeling selfish, because you’re not! It is completely natural and healthy for us to think about ourselves at some point, because self-care is key to our happiness.


What is it that you really want to achieve? Begin with a strategy. Once you have thought of that, then plan out your aims or objectives of what steps you’re going to take, in order to accomplish your goal. For instance, if you’re really wanting to attend an educational institution to learn about a topic that you find interesting, and you feel like your job is no longer benefiting you, you can begin with gathering information about the course at your chosen institution. Once you have done that, and you’re happy with the information that you’ve collected, then GO FOR IT! DO IT! Apply, and then proceed.

“Never settle for anything less than extraordinary” – Unknown

As Luisa Omielan says….. what would Beyoncé do? She would up-grade! That’s how she has become so successful today. She’s let go of the old and ran into the new. She’s got a vision. She  is continuously working towards accomplishing her goals. But most importantly, she knows her worth and has never settled for anything less than what SHE knows that she really deserves.

“If you’re gonna settle for anything; settle for greatness”  – Unknown

Now, get climbing up that ladder to reach for the stars. Not the sky, the stars. And don’t look back, look forward. It’s the only direction that you should look at.


How To Remain Well-Scheduled Whilst Studying At University 📆 📚

Self Development

Life at university can be a real struggle, especially if you’re juggling with a part-time job, undertaking placements and have other priorities. You may become behind on work, miss out on classes to catch up on work, then spend time catching up on lecture notes because you’ve been too busy catching up on work that you’ve fallen behind on! This can result in you missing the deadline for your assignments. Now this is a total nightmare, especially if you lose those valuable marks due to receiving a penalty for it. Your grade will then be affected. When you get yourself into this situation, it may become extremely stressful and your anxiety levels increases.

Here are some tips on how to remain well-scheduled whilst studying and juggling with your priorities at university: 

  • Have a diary! Write down the tasks that you need to do each day and set yourself a specific time to carry out your tasks. Plan out for the whole of your week, not as your days are going along. This way, you’ll not instantly forget what you need to do and can look ahead on what needs to be done.
  • Set yourself alarms on your smart phone to remind yourself to do some work. If you’re too busy having fun and socialising, you can easily forget to work on your assignments.
  • Set yourself a certain amount of words to type up for your assignments per-day. For example, I usually typed up 200 words per day as from 2 weeks before the deadline. This way, I could return to what I had written the following day and tweeted it if I needed to change anything. Then, I continued with another 200 words.
  • All in an order, write down the dates and times of your deadlines, and then stick it on your board in your room. This way, you can see what assignments requires to be worked on first.
  • Encourage yourself to visit the library by thinking of what you can gain that’s good from going there. If you cannot work in your room due to distractions, then make use of the library! I often had times where I was unable to work in my own room due to noise nuisance, so I took a trip to the library to get my work done. Even if it was late, I felt the need to do it.

Well, that’s it! This is what I can advise you to do. I hope this is useful for you, as it was for myself.








Never Let Your Past Affect Your Future

Self Development

People who have a negative past often let their past determine their future, and remain unhappy with their situations. Believing that there is no way out, no help, nothing. It is really draining and disheartening. Thinking that ‘well, this is how it is going to be, this is my life’.  Now stop right there, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is known that those who have the worst past, end up creating the best future for themselves. Here is my story of how I picked myself back up, and how I am now focusing on having a positive future by seeking for a career in my desired industry.

It all began from when I left school. I left school without GCSE’s, and it was strongly  advised that GCSEs are key! I got told so many times that you NEED your GCSEs. Your GCSEs are your gate-way to success….. blah blah blah! Due to not having them and continuously being told that GCSEs will bring you success, I felt worthless and believed that my future wasn’t going to be as bright as I wanted it to. I thought that I couldn’t seek higher education and gain a good career. So that was it.

After I left school, I attended a sixth form college purposely to resit them. Yet again, I had failed. I was gutted. At that point, I had given up. I decided to follow a career in Care. After that experience, I then decided that I wanted to work in a customer-based environment.

I landed myself a part-time job working in a small coffee shop. After a year of working there, I felt that what I was doing wasn’t enough for me, and I wanted to do something bigger and more mind stimulating. I wanted a challenge, and to learn something new. So I applied for a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Now that was a challenge to even get on the course, purely because I had no GCSEs! I began to feel so low, but I wasn’t going to take a no for answer! After a discussion with the head of department, I was finally allowed to study the course. They gave me a chance because I showed them how determined I was to study their course, despite my lack of qualifications from school. So I went onto studying Travel and Tourism and succeeded with triple distinctions. I also resat my GCSE English Language, and this time I had PASSED! I was buzzing. During that period, I was applying to study at university!

dream big

The whole university application process wasn’t that difficult for me, in fact, I got 4/5 offers. I had used my BTEC Level 3 and GCSE as tickets into university, along with a personal statement. I withdrew my application from one university because they was taking AGES to make a decision of a conditional offer. After that, I was then able to continue with the next stage. I had chosen the University of Chester as my firm choice, and Leeds Beckett University as my second choice. In the end, the University of Chester offered me an unconditional offer and I was pleased to accept! BOOM, I got into the university that I wanted to go to! I was so-ooooo happy,  like, tearfully happy. It made my week.

Anyway, my university journey had begun. I was officially studying BA (Hons) Tourism Management. Nonetheless, the title of my course soon changed because I found a new interest, which is marketing. I had studied a marketing module during first year, and I really enjoyed it! In fact, it motivated me into combining my degree during second year. Then, during my final year I was officially studying Marketing Management. I am now graduating with a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Marketing Management. Not to mention that I also won the Deans Commendation Award for Performance! I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I now have several qualifications under my belt, including an award!

All this happened because I was determined. I had ditched thinking about what I had gained in my past, and focused on what I can gain in the future and how that will benefit me. Never back down from a challenge, because you will never know the outcome of it. Also, give yourself that extra push, work harder than you ever have, and if you have failed, try again and again by using different strategies. 

With what I have earned and learnt through my academic journey and my work experience, I am now using it to seek for a career in marketing. This is a whole new chapter for me, and I would never of come this far if I hadn’t of pushed myself.

Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed reading this and that it has helped you! If you want to find anything else more about myself, then feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you all have to say.


The Joy Of Having A Bunch Of Sunflowers 🌻

Self Development

Owning a bunch of sunflowers has become an astonishing trend this summer. Almost everyone I know has a bunch in their kitchen, living room, bedroom, on their balcony and even at their wedding! Who can blame them though, sunflowers are bright, vibrant and will brighten up your day! They are the symbol of joy.

“Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do” – Helen Keller 

I’ve decided to buy a small bunch of sunflowers to blend in with my blue and yellow themed bedroom. I’ve never had any interest in buying flowers for my bedroom, but due to the lovely hot weather and feeling spontaneous, I just fancied a small bunch. I popped into my local florist Roses, to see whether they sell them, and they do! They sell the most perfect, healthy looking sunflowers. They weren’t scrunched up and looked cramped like they are at supermarkets. I hate to see flowers being presented in that way, it’s so unattractive. Anyway, I instantly fell in love and couldn’t resist so I purchased. I bought four of them, all priced at £1.75 each. I felt that it was a little expensive at first, but then I thought about how healthy they look so I accepted the price tag. Along with the sunflowers I got some flower food for free. I know you do regardless with most supermarkets and florists, but at least I got some to keep them living longer and looking alive.

They’re now standing in a small vase on top of my bedside table, giving my bedroom life. They’re a ray of sunshine beaming in my room. Not only do they brighten up my room, but they also brighten up my day when I’m feeling a little unhappy. Inspirational quotes are used to help us remain happy and positive. Nevertheless, I’ve found that having a small bunch of sunflowers do the same. Word of advice, if you haven’t already got a bunch, go and purchase! Once mine have died off, I’m 100% going to repurchase.


As we all know sunflowers have long stems, the standard ones can grow from the minimum of 6 ft tall. So even though the florist had already cut some of the stem off, I had to cut more of because they were too tall for my small vase! I had to measure the length of the stem against my vase to ensure I got the perfect length.